G4HDU    20 Apr 2014 : 11:00

Hole free car mount

How I solved the problem of not making holes in the car!

Back in December 2011 Sue, my XYL, and I decided that we no longer needed the Kia Sedona as there was now only two of us at home, number one daughter, Jane, having left for university. A trip to Thorntrees Garage up in Leyland resulted in us purchasing an adapted wheelchair accessible VW Caddy. As an aside I can thoroughly recommend Glen and his team up at Thorntree's, friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy.

Obviously I wanted to continue to have my mobile operation with my FT-8900 but didn't want to drill holes in the vehicle. I also wanted to add the provision for HF mobile operation with my FT-897D and therefore wanted two antenna fixings. Due to the modifications to the vehicle I didn't think that a hatch back mount would work or indeed any of the other similar mounts. A mag mount for HF is too cumbersome and so I had a look at the roof.

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