Finished Mount

The Finished Job

The complete bracket was then mounted on the off-side of the car ready for the installation of the 4 band whip (covering 10m, 6m, 2m and 70cms) and a matching bracket was mounted on the near side ready for the HF aerial. Currently this is just a simple multiband whip with its frequency set by plugging in a wander plug and the stainless whip adjusted in length.

mounted 1060x650

Mounted Bracket


car front 1060x650
View from the front
car rear 1060x650
Rear View


Since this article was written I have transferred the FT8900 to the shack and purchased an FT857D and a lovely treat by Sue, my XYL, has now seen it upgraded to an ATAS 120A.This is permanently mounted in the car and is covered in a separate post along with a description of mounting in a new vehicle.