The Need to Change

Back in December 2011 Sue, my XYL, and I decided that we no longer needed our wheelchair adapted Kia Sedona because there was now only two of us at home. Our number one daughter, Jane, having left for the University of Gloucestershire down in Cheltenham. A trip to see Glen at Thorntrees Garage up in Leyland, Lancashire resulted in us purchasing an adapted, wheelchair accessible VW Caddy. It is a diesel automatic version but,sadly, it didn't have cruise control which is a feature I am rather partial to especially on long journeys or in average speed check zones on the motorway. A search on the internet revealed a chap down in the Midlands who retrofits genuine VW cruise controls and for a very reasonable fee came to the home QTH, fitted it and reprogrammed the computer.

Obviously I wanted to continue to have my mobile operation with my FT-8900 but didn't want to drill holes in the vehicle's bodywork. I also wanted to add the provision for HF mobile operation with my FT-897D and therefore wanted two antenna fixings, one for the Atas120 HF screwdriver antenna and one for the quad band whip.. Due to the wheelchair accessability modifications to the vehicle I didn't think that a hatch back mount would  be feasible nor would any similar clip on mounts be usable or reliable.

So What Next?

Looking at the roof to see if it was capable of having some roof bars fitted, either genuine VW ones or non oem types I discovered four screw fitting holes where roof rails would be secured. They were plugged with a threaded bolt so whipped one out to check its dimensions and looked on ebay to see what was available.

The next chapter describes each of the parts required and how they were modified.