Voice Keyer

Voice Keyer MFJ 432

MFJ 432

When I purchased the FTdx3000 my lovely xyl, Sue, bought me the optional voice Keyer for it. However when I bought the FT736R there was no such facility available for it. Back to my favourite auction site, eBay, to look for an external message player. I also searched around for any kits or circuits which I could build. I found several kits and schematics but my followed search popped a result on eBay before I had committed to building one.

The voice keyer was advertised as spairs or repair and so I chucked a bid in and surprisingly I won it at a good price. Despite being listed as not working I thought it would at least give me a ready prepared enclosure if it turned out that it didn't function. As it was it worked perfectly when I unpacked it and hooked it up.


This microprocessor controlled MFJ Contest Voice Keyer can call CQ, send your callsign and do contest exchanges for you in your own natural voice.you can store frequently used phrases like “CQ Contest this is G4HDU”, “You’re 59 located here in IO83mm". The Keyer allows you to record and play back four natural sounding messages up to a total of 70 seconds. 

The messages can be repeated continuously and with a repeat delay from 3 to 500 seconds. Makes a great voice beacon and calling CQ is so easy. A receive audio jack lets you record and play back off-the-air signals -- great help if you didn’t get it right the first time! No more “Please repeat”.

A playing message can be halted by pressing the Stop Button, your PTT mic button or by your VOX PTT line. A closure to ground via remote control or computer also halts messages.

Has jack for remote or computer control (using CT, NA, TR or other program and its interface). Lets you select, play and cancel messages.

The MFJ-434B is transparent to your microphone -- your mic’s audio characteristics do not change when your MFJ-434B is installed. Dual controls make it easy to tailor audio level to match your voice.

All audio lines are RF filtered to eliminate RFI, audio feedback and distortion. An audio isolation transformer totally eliminates hum and distortion caused by ground loops.

It’s easy to use -- just plug in your 8 pin microphone cable and plug the MFJ-434B shielded cable into your transceiver’s mic connector. Internal jumpers let you customize it to Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Alinco or Radio Shack rigs. Use your station or built-in microphone for recording.

Built-in speaker-amplifier lets you monitor stored messages. 3.5 mm speaker/headphone jack. SMT technology.

The Keyer is easy to set up for use. There are a set of jumpers inside which can be configured to work with Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood rigs as appropriate.

There are four message banks