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Welcome to G4HDU's Ham Website

Welcome to G4HDU's Ham Website

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 G4HDU    20 May 2016 : 11:35
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Two remote motorised antenna mounts.

In 2016 it was decided, by mutual consent with the XYL I might add, a new vehicle was deemed to be appropriate as the Volkswagen Caddy had done nearly 100,000 miles and the DSG gearbox is prone to problems of engaging reverse when, like me, it is getting on a bit in years. Another trip to Thorntree's Garage resulted in the much more comfortable Kia Sedona. The extra space and comfort it affords meant that we could run the aging parents around, especially the regular hospital runs!

 G4HDU    20 Apr 2014 : 11:00

Hole free car mount

How I solved the problem of not making holes in the car!

Back in December 2011 Sue, my XYL, and I decided that we no longer needed the Kia Sedona as there was now only two of us at home, number one daughter, Jane, having left for university. A trip to Thorntrees Garage up in Leyland resulted in us purchasing an adapted wheelchair accessible VW Caddy. As an aside I can thoroughly recommend Glen and his team up at Thorntree's, friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy.

Obviously I wanted to continue to have my mobile operation with my FT-8900 but didn't want to drill holes in the vehicle. I also wanted to add the provision for HF mobile operation with my FT-897D and therefore wanted two antenna fixings. Due to the modifications to the vehicle I didn't think that a hatch back mount would work or indeed any of the other similar mounts. A mag mount for HF is too cumbersome and so I had a look at the roof.

 G4HDU    20 Mar 2013 : 10:30
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Mills on the Air

The weekend of May 12th - 13th 2013 saw the annual Mills on the Air event and, having now got the station somewhat functional, I decided to fire up the '897 and see what was going on. As usual 40m was horribly noisy with all manner of local QRN hitting the aerial and finding its way into the rig. But, despite the efforts of electrical equipment in the vicinity, I did manage to make a few contacts.